Twosome and More

February 2. 2000 - March 26. 2000

The show was by invitation from the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, run by Marianne Forssblad. About 50 pieces were on view. There were four reasons for naming the show Twosome and More:

First, it was to show pair portraits, since that is the kind of commissions Inger has been getting lately. The largest wall of the Museum gallery was used for couples, from courting stage until death do us part.

Second, it was to show the technical aspect, such as preparatory drawing together with a finished oil portrait; a drawing and a sculpted head; or as in the case of the "Emily corner", that is, about 9 pieces in different media done through the years of Emily's growing up. Emily is now 18.

Third, it was to show works centered around Inger's son Nicholas, who died at 21. This group of work started with a drawing and Nicholas' death mask. The drawing and the mask became the base from which grew different aspects of Nicholas' life, mostly mixed media. More here comes to stand for transformation.

Fourth, to show collages of dreams that sprang from the realization that Inger's marriage was not just a twosome but rather a "twosome and more." The collages serve to illustrate the book to be published (Aids on My Threshold).

Review resulting from the show: "Art and Culture"
Vestkusten, march 1, 2000. By Bridget Stromberg-Brink.

Nicholas in Transition

A show about Inger's son Nicholas who died in 1987 at age 21. The show consists of about 30 pieces memorizing her son's life. The show contains a deathmask in bronze, many collages, some drawings, some paintings, by Nicholas and Inger, and an icon, "Nicon."

Blymönja och Ametist 2001

Introducing Inger Hodgson & Clara Sörnäs

The show featured past and present work; a kind of retrospective. Clara showed her sculptures in amethist-like stone from Zimbabwe.

The Balinese are not terrorists - 2004

While Inger was painting the Balinese in Ubud, Bali , in 2004, the bombing two years before in Kuta was still strong in people's minds. However Inger saw only peace. In 40 days Inger painted the 22 employees at Artini II.

The idea was to apply the sightsize method directly on to the panel to do a quick underpainting to achieve likeness without a preparatory drawing.

The constant south light, (southern hemisphere),on the top floor of the bungalows or pavillions proved to turn the hotel rooms into perfect studios.

The frames were made to order by local woodcarvers.