A Höganäs artist

Höganäs Studio

Old City Hotel

Inger 's grandparents' life in the small town of Höganäs was an integral part of Inger's life as she grew up in Sweden. In their house she saw portraits and objects d'art that spoke of more than provincial culture. In her grandfather's corset factory she became familiar with subtle shades of colour, materials, textures, shapes, form and all kinds of people. Höganäs was a mining-town. A museum was founded. It is known for displays of earthware made out of the exceptional yellow clay that accompanied the mining of coal. Inger's studio is situated on the top floor of the old city hotel which overlooks the square next to the museum. Underneath her north-light windows heads made out of this clay decorate the façade.

Höganäs Studio

The facilities have proved themselves adequate both to workshops with artificial light and the Dream Come True course with natural light (during the summer months).

This is a place easy to find and easy to access. Here people come to sit for their portraits. Occasional students have found their way to the studio where classical traditions are recognized and practised. Most of all the Höganäs studio and gallery is peace on earth, a place to re-root and to work.

Nic's Room

The attic divided into sections by hanging vintage doors horizontally has become a gallery space.

Castle portraits

During the past couple of decades Swedish art schools have not encouraged the painting of portraits which had to do with the reluctance to single out the individual. Now the tide has turned. Höganäs is situated in Skåne, the southernmost province of Sweden, Danish until 1656. Here the tradition of commissioning portraits still lives. One fascinating aspect of Skåne for a portrait-painter are the old castles occupied by the descendants of the those whose portraits hang on the walls. Inger benefits from the fact that she has been trained in Florence in the old masters' tradition of drawing and painting. And she finds plenty of opportunity to become engaged.