Life and Death Masks - Calcos

Deathmask in bronze

Inger's first mask was the death mask of her son Nicholas.She did not make it;she only assisted. Then she assisted Michael Lee Walchuk for many years and learned the old technique using plaster directly on the face.
Now Inger makes deathmasks and lifemasks using alginate firmed up by plaster. The negative is made on a person's face. The negative hardens on the face and is removed. The process takes about one hour from start to finish. The positive is made by pouring hydrocal, sometimes called dental stone, or alabaster stone, into the negative. Pigments like ochre, red or green can be added to the hydrocal. The surface can be bronzed or goldleafed.

A mask to be done in hydrocal or real bronze can be ordered.

Lifemask in alabaster-stone

The masks or calcos have proved to be facinating in their use for drawing and painting exercises intruducing the portrait.Inger has recently taken to opening the eyes of the mask.

Lifemask silver on red

Michael Lee Walchuk, Mat Auvinen and Barbara Wolf are maskmakers with whom Inger has worked.