After many years of experience as a teacher of sightsize using casts preparing for the live portrait, Inger has streamlined her teaching into a formula: workshop I and workshop II leading up to a Dream Come True course. The masks in her studio Inger calls calcos, in Italian simply meaning casts.

The calcos correspond to the plaster casts used in the Charles Cecil studio where they are usually copies of heads sculpted by accomplished masters like Michelangelo and Bernini.

The calcos made by Inger are direct representations of people's faces. Sometimes people order calcos of themselves to be able to continue practising drawing and painting the face. The purpose of the workshops is to introduce students to the manner in which light falls on the face and in the process to introduce them to techniques of various media:

  • Workshop I is charcoal or pencil.
  • Workshop II is oils.

In order to be able to offer the workshops during the winter artificial light is employed while natural light is always the preferred light.

Student with drawing from calchi